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africa-calendar 2005

November 30, 2004  

laafi-calendar 2005, cover

i proudly present: africa-photo-calendar 2005, the third calendar of laafi – initiative for development in burkina faso for which i had the honour to supply the photographs (all from my photos from burkina faso 2003).

please order the calendar numerously, as it’s the most important means of fundraising for our activities in burkina faso. the perfect x-mas gift for friends and family ;-)

laafi-calendar 2005, january/february/march

please use your blogs and spread the word! we deliver around the globe. :-)

order via my contact-page in case you don’t understand german. the calendar is in german, though.

camilla isene

November 16, 2004  

norwegian feminists get het up about ikea’s local “sofa for alle” campaign. i don’t know much about feminism – but nice butt. it belongs to model and photographer of the campaign, camilla isene. check out her portfolio, fresh style. 'sofa for alle' campaign

update: now has it, too.

fischer wedding pics

June 19, 2004  

fiff and babsi had a wonderful wedding party two weeks ago, the pictures are online now: fischer wedding pics

robert und babsi fischer (30k image)

their circular life

June 4, 2004  

100 pictures from one perspective taken in the range of 24 hours form an interactive panormama picture with on-location-sound: pictures from modena and venice available. that’s a rare example of justified usage of macromedia flash. the great thing: it’s open source, you can download the FLA-sources and produce your own flash movie. i’ll do that some day. i like the concept, i remember shooting any person passing by on a street in granada for hours ten years ago, with a gap between two houses as the natural frame. (via pixeleye’s design blog)

sailing pics online

May 16, 2004  

check out the photos from a week on a sailing yacht with friends, in croatia. beware – it was a boys-only-trip back to puberty. nice ;-)

» gallery croatia 2004
» gallery kornaticup regatta 2004

i recently returned from burkina and just put the photos online: burkina faso 2003. for the background of my trip see

photos from morocco online

February 2, 2003  

the pictures from our short trip to marrakech and casablanca for new year’s eve are online in the morocco gallery now.

cuba photos added

April 22, 2001  

cuba gallery is now live.

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