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April 12, 2006  

this will change fucking everything.

as seth godin just blogged a truely unlikely coincidence, i thought i might blog similar ones i’ve experienced. thus: small world 1 – the tennis-pro and i.

years ago a man and a woman come to sit by each other on a british airways flight from somewhere to somewhere. as they notice their accents they switch to german right away. both happen to be from austria. she: “where are you from?” he: “linz.” she: “what a conincidence, i’m from steyr!” (50km away.) he: “well, actually i grew up in steyr, too.” she: “it’s such a small world! speaking of it: in 1980 my son (ex-ATP-tennis-pro peter feigl) played a tournament in lagos, nigeria. when afterwards they were having dinner in a restaurant a little boy walks up and says ‘grüßgott herr feigl’. he happened to be from steyr, too, and my son knew him and his parents, who at that time lived in nigeria, from the local tennis club.”

he: “i’ve heard this story before, the boy is my nephew..”

as you might have guessed already the boy was me and the guy on the plane my uncle. so far small world 1. stay tuned for small world 2 – where autologin can lead to..

photos from the maldives

July 20, 2005  

conny and i just returned from some relaxing days on the maldives. i planned to do more underwater photos but my digital ixus has drowned :-(.

photos here.

attacking triggerfish

blocks all the schmutz

July 6, 2005  

Firefox? The Rabbi stops and thinks for a minute, rubbing his beard. Ah yes! The one that blocks all the schmutz. (via conny)

finally i found the time to put the photos from this year’s trip to burkina faso online. not quite as many as the pics from 2003 – and in my opinion not quite as good, as i simply didn’t feel so much like taking photos this time. also, as we spent less days in the countryside and most days were very hazy with dust there weren’t quite as many perfect situations. however, there they are.

UPDATE: see also bodi’s photos from that trip.

boy at AMPO

just reading in the austrian magazine profil: 8,800 austrians are in jail currently, representing 0.1% of the population. compare that with 2.1 million US-american prisoners, roughly 2% of the population, and numbers are growing rapidly.

the strange thing: as far as i know the current juridical practice in austria, im my opinion even here far too many people are being put in jail instead on probation or to do community work. so something has to be going fundamentally wrong in the US, the land of the free.

after having developed the A1 blog, a gizmo-blog for mobilkom austria, knallgrau, the makers of, have now won an international pitch to host the BMW oracle racing blog. congrats folks! (via sierra)

o2 germany just announced that it will launch a new prepaid tariff called “loop alltime” in july. that’s good news as i authored the initial business plan for that tariff quite some time ago. meanwhile a couple of new low-price competitors (simyo, schwarzfunk) have popped up, so it will be a tough match.

just have read a blog post by ross mayfield about the the LA times experiment to expose their editorials to public editing in a wiki, called “wikitorials“, and jimmy wales, founder of wikipedia, creating a counterpoint page on the same wiki.

while i absolutely agree with jimmy that collaborative editing leads to a neutral point of view, which “would be fine for wikipedia, but would not be an editorial”, i experienced the downside of grassroots media when clicking the link to said counterpoint page: all i saw was two photos of naked girls age maybe ten.

the photos will probably have gone by the time you read this and probably were online for just a few minutes, as collaborative editing deals quite well with those things but hey, let’s face it: such things are inevitable. while i hope similar things will be spared me at my latest wiki project i think collaborative editing is worth the downsides.

UPDATE 2h later: the affair seems to have had a strong effect: “The Los Angeles Times Wiki is currently closed.”

UPDATE2, 9h later: sadly enough the vandalism seems to have had effect: “Unfortunately, we have had to remove this feature, at least temporarily, because a few readers were flooding the site with inappropriate material.”

make sure you read peter merholz‘ article “designing for the sandbox” about control vs. openness in software design and product development. couldn’t agree more.

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