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Pink green

April 21, 2008  

Couch-crashing Lola and Miriam in pink and green.

Lola & Miriam

“You know the media world has been turned upside down when Websites start buying magazines.” Techcrunch.


July 18, 2007  

Recently two girls from Canada surfed my couch on a backpacking trip through Europe. They had agreed with their parents to “meet somewhere in Europe” during their parents’ holiday trip yet had failed to get in touch. It seems approximeeting doesn’t always work.

A towel is about the most massively useful thing an interstellar hitchhiker can have.

A towel is about the most massively useful thing an interstellar hitchhiker can have.


Still, it’s interesting to see how technology changes tourism – they book their flights on the web and the destinations and attractions they go to are chosen with the help of word of mouth and pictures, posts and ratings in blogs and online communities, not via tour operators or guide books. They don’t even carry a Lonely Planet (although that one too is mostly user generated these days): “We didn’t know which one to buy as we are deciding which country to go to on the fly.” Instead internet cafés are their best friends. They surf the places of co-members of an online community instead of staying in good old hotels, coordinate with other people along the way by the means of SMS and email and blog or email from their trip instead of sending postcards.

This change in social behavior means a million challenges for the tourism industry. Are they prepared?

Sleepless in Vienna

July 12, 2007  

สารสกัดเทารีนเข้มข้นแท้ เป็นเครื่องดื่มบำรุงร่างกายเพื่อสุขภาพที่ดีจากทวีปเอเชีย ที่ช่วยฟื้นฟู และกระตุ้นของจิตใจ เครื่องดื่มนี้สามารถบริโภคได้ทุกวัน และอุดมไปด้วยวิตามินที่จำเป็นหลากหลาย ชนิด และกรดอะมิโนที่มีคุณภาพสูง โดยส่วนประกอบของเครื่องดื่มนี้ได้รับการคัดสรรอย่างพิถีพิถัน ภายใต้การควบคุมตามสูตรดั้งเดิม และผสมรวมกันเพื่อให้ได้รสชาติที่โดดเด่นไม่เหมือนใคร

Peter und ich auf Taurin

Peter (his take) + Bikemap + Taurin.

If you run one of the biggest web hosting services out there and your service sucks (it indeed often does, I must say) you’ll probably have to deal with complaints like this picture someone photoshopped:

Dreamhost & Downtime

But wait, was it made out of frustration? Nope – for a sweepstake. The best picture illustrating “mysterious downtime” would win a brand new $600 iPhone.. And you know where the sweepstake took place? Guess!

Guess again: On the hosting provider’s corporate weblog!

That’s what I call..




Your corporate blog as the place to face your biggest demons. Respect!

PS. I’ve praised that blog before, in German though.

Mind the gap

June 15, 2007  

Nice when instead of “you bet” a briton says:

I think that is safe to assume

Mind the bet


I just discovered a security hole in Google Docs:

When you invite someone for collaboration on a document and paste their non-Gmail-address into the invitation form, and the person has a Google account with that address associated to it as a secondary address, their Gmail address will be revealed on the following screen.

A real security hole if you ask me as you can use this function to associate real names (that may be part of the Gmail address) or other user names to email addresses you are researching into.

Media Sources 2.0

April 17, 2007  

The General Manager of MSNBC on the occasion of the Virginia Tech tragedy, as quoted in the Baltimore Sun:

We’re using Webcams, we’re soliciting any video that viewers have, we’re monitoring the online communities of MySpace and Facebook to bring viewers as much information as we can from as many places.

(via Smartmobs)

Normally I don’t call people schmucks in my blog (or elsewhere). Enjoy the story why I do today.

Smi writes:

The Business Model I hate the most is probably this one: Freemium. Unfortunately it is not going to vanish, but I hope that more services actually charge their customers money for what they do.

I agree and yet I don’t.

The problem with premium services within social software is that social services require certain adoption rates to make them *really* rock, due to their social character. is nice but it really rocks because so many people I know use it, too.

Any social software that is premium is usually limited in adoption. And it risks being overtaken quickly by a copy-cat competitor offering the same for free.

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