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in der aktuellen e-media titelstory “hotspot statt webcafé” wird auch auf meinen blog-eintrag vom 9. februar verwiesen, was hier gerade für traffic-spitzen sorgt. nach dem computerwelt-artikel vom 4. juni schon die zweite erwähnung. cool :-)

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(danke martin, für den hinweis!)


computerwelt über meine wlan-liste

die computerwelt berichtet unter dem titel gratis wlan in österreich über meine aufzählung kostenloser hotspots in österreich: “die mobilen computerfreaks sagen danke.” gern g’schehn!

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RSS feed of

on request from adalbert (see comments on about-pagehe loves RSS) i created an RSS-feed of this blog. took me quite a while to get my ISP to install the needed perl-modules.. (in case you don’t know what RSS is, you may want to read this rss primer.)

click here for the feed:
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the following email came just in: “mir gefällt deine Idee mit der free-hotspots Auflistung, da hier endlich die Grundidee des WLAN aufgegriffen wird. Metronet (T-Mobile) und die anderen “Trittbrettfahrer” sollen lieber bei ihrem sauteurem UMTS bleiben. Ich habe dir daher meine Domain auf deine Seite weitergeleitet. MfG Martin”
check it out:

About English

navigation re-designed

my girlfriend conny complained that the navigation on this site wasn’t clear und usable (and this to someone who always preaches usability!) so i decided to give it a face-lift. i know, jakob nielsen has asked already back in 2000 “is navigation useful?” – i believe navigation IS useful (if done well), even if the guru doesn’t entirely agree. anyway, do you like it?

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the new

ok, the site is done so far. there are still a few things to do (see checklist) and there won’t be an end, that’s for sure. especially tons of photos still wait to be published. we’ll see.

About English

welcome freedom!

the last 3 1/2 years were exciting, i wouldn’t want to miss them. but it is time for a change, i’m taking a timeout: i’ve vowed not to be on anybody’s payroll until at least january.

time for travelling, getting to know my new camera, visiting friends, throwing parties and relaunching my site. maybe i find time to learn powered paragliding, to improve my french or to do a project management course. i’ll see. no stress.

tomorrow i head off to a 1 month thailand trip with conny (who turns 28 today – happy birthday!).