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Helge Fahrnberger

Helge Fahrnberger

I am co-founder of Toursprung, the company behind Bikemap, Maptoolkit and other digital maps products. In case you were asking: We’re currently working on world domination. On Twitter I am @helge.

I teach Online Journalism at the University of Vienna and I founded the Austrian media watchblog, winner of the Open Society Award 2011 and named Blog of the Year by Radio FM4 twice.

I also volunteer as board member of the NGO Laafi. We are a circle of friends, building rural hospitals (like this one) in Burkina Faso, West Africa. Less for charitable reasons, more as an extended form of travelling.

In the past I helped companies with their digital product strategies as a consultant. Examples include the ORF, Ö3, (see BrandEins) and O2 Germany. Back the early 2000s I was head of product development of, for a period of time the hottest shit around, with 6 million users.







I happily serve as social software maven or interview partner for media from time to time. Please get in touch and feel free to use one of these printable pictures: Portrait (Credits: Daniel Gebhart de Koekkoek) and torso shot (Credits: Lisa Lux).

Some clippings: ZIB 24, Ö1 Nachtquartier, Die Presse, ORF Report 1/2, Der Standard/Kopf des Tages, Ö1, Ö3, Deutschlandradio. I also author a regular column in the Austrian magazine “Update”.


Conferences and talks


If you want me as a speaker on your event please get in touch. Find a few slide sets of mine on Slideshare. My best-known presentation (and the only really self-explanatory) is “About Lions and Ants” from 2008:



Past talks, panels and mentorships include:

In English:

  • HonestConf Bratislava (Conference host)
  • Seedcamp Budapest (Mentor)
  • Centre for International Development, Digital Privacy, Vienna (Panel)
  • Investment Ready Programme, Vienna (Mentor)
  • Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innvoation, University of Economics Vienna (Talk)
  • World Blogging Forum, Bukarest (Talk)
  • IST Africa, South Africa, Pretoria (Talk)
  • European Capital of Culture Linz09 / 80+1, Linz (Panel)
  • Mobile Communities Conference, London (Talk)
  • CycleSummit, Constance (Talk)
  • Startup-Weekend Vienna (Mentor)
  • Numerous BarCamps (Talks) – a movement that I happily helped to bring to German speaking countries back in 2006. still runs on my server.

In German:

  • Hotel Trade Fair Bolzano (Talk)
  • VÖZ Digital Media Day, Vienna (Pecha Kucha)
  • ORF, Vienna (Workshop)
  • Danube University Krems, E-Government (Talk & Workshop)
  • Marketing On Tour, Vienna (Keynote)
  • PR Verband Austria, Vienna (Talk)
  • Voest Alpine, Linz (Talk)
  • FH Wien, Vienna (Panel)
  • PR Verband Austria, Vienna (Talk)
  • Trainerausbildung “Heimat verbindet Menschen”, Graz (Course)
  • Digital Marketing Summit 2009 & 2010, Vienna (Panel Moderation)
  • Digitalks, Vienna (Talks)
  • Bund Österreichischer Tourismusmanager, Gastein (Talk)
  • Romanian Culture Institute, Vienna (Panel)
  • Lange Nacht der Forschung, Vienna (Talk)
  • Grüne Wirtschaft, Innsbruck (Panel)
  • CycleSummit, Constance (Talk)
  • Digiday, Vienna (Talk)
  • Institute of Publicistics, University of Vienna (Talk)
  • Netzwerk Humanressourcen, Linz (Talk)
  • IAB Austria, Vienna (Panel)
  • Verband Österreichischer Privatsender, Vienna (Course)
  • Österreichischer Spendentag, Vienna (Talk)



Me, elsewhere


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About this site

In one way or the other I’ve been blogging since late 1999 (see my 10 years posting) and on different domains and software platforms. This site is my notebook, public voice (not so frequently anymore for lack of time) and technological playground. Most of my posts are in German meanwhile.

Picture of me on this page: Lisa Lux.