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Auf Facebook eben die Gruppe “You know you’re from Vienna when..” entdeckt. Hier die Highlights:

You know you’re from Vienna when..

  • you understand the guy in the Ubahn when he says “Zug fährt ab”
  • you don’t think it is strange drinking beer at flex with a business man next to a sandler
  • you know the guy at schottentor who wants money to call his wife in the hospital since years
  • you can’t believe you can’t go to the opera for 2 euros each night anywhere else
  • you act like putting money into the newspaper bags at weekend, but really stealing it
  • you know what “A Eitrige mit an Buckl und an Blech” means and where to get the best ones in the middle of the night
  • you are surprised if a waiter is friendly and fast
  • at summertime you don’t get stopped from dressed-up-like-Mozart people who want to sell you tickets to overprized bad tourist concerts
  • you’ve never been to a Sängerknaben-Konzert or Lippizaner-Show and will never do so.
  • you know the difference between a Fiaker, an Einspänner, a Melange, a Großer Brauner and which one you like most
  • you boycott starbucks

Die Youknow-Gruppen greifen derzeit um sich, fesch ist auch die hier:

You know you’re German if..

  • Your front door has a sign with your family name made from salt dough.
  • You carry a “4You” backpack.
  • You call your cell phone “handy” and a projector “beamer”.
  • You have asked your Asian-American friend, “No, but where are you *really* from?”
  • You have gotten splinters from environmentally friendly toiled paper.
  • You own a pair of jeans in a color other than blue.
  • You were educated about sex by Dr. Sommer.
  • You have ended an English sentence with “…, or?”.
  • Your first sexual experience was on Sat1, Saturday night at 11pm.

“No, but where are you *really* from?” – ich fürchte, das ist mir auch schon passiert.. Köstlich.


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#47096 Florian says on March 13, 2008 at 11:27 am

das meiste weiß ich ja, obwohl ich erst seit 5 1/2 monaten wiener bin. zumindest während uni ist.

starbucks boykottierte ich auch schon als ich noch vollzeit linzer war. dafür habe ich es derzeit noch nicht geschafft mcdonalds in sachen kaffee zu boykottieren, er liegt einfach zu gut zwischen u4-karlsplatz-station und tu-audimax.

und sollte ich irgendwann einen film drehen (was überaus unwahrscheinlich ist) in dem eine oder mehrere szenen in der ubahn spielen, ich würde einen der “zug fährt ab”-sprecher engagieren. egal wo der film spielt.

#51509 lola says on April 6, 2008 at 11:58 am

mein gott, wie zutreffend! klischees sind einfach was schönes :-)
jetzt weiß ich dass ich deutsche bin!

#54320 moritz says on April 23, 2008 at 9:53 pm

You know you’re NOT from Vienna if

-> you know that the center of austria actually is in altaussee, not somewhere else EAST.

-> you don’t make a 50m detour JUST to take the moving stairs

-> the christmas tree on the rathausplatz comes from your hometown or somewhere near

-> you don’t understand why you have to pay 50cts extra for a damn coffee in the inner city just to get extra-condescended treatment by an extra-arrogant waiter

-> you KNOW that you can go to the opera in budapest for 500 forint (~40€-cents) as a student

-> you can’t find anything disturbing in eating ice-cream with kernöl

-> you can’t understand why the hell everyone still starts running after the notorious “zhuhugfärrtab”, desperately trying to catch the U-Bahn when the next train comes in three minutes

-> you know what “a eitrige mit an bugl und a (16er-)blech” is but don’t believe that you would get served if that words ever would leave your mouth

liebe grüße, ein “zuagroaster” aus der steiermark ;)

#54323 Helge says on April 23, 2008 at 10:03 pm

@moritz: Köstlich :-)

Als Zuagroaster aus Oberösterreich kann ich das zu 100% unterschreiben..


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