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Danke DaddyD!


DaddyD, Media Monkey (Eigendefinition) auf FM4, dem besten Radosender von allen (auch wenn der bisweilen nervt), adelt heute zu Today’s webtip: is, (or at least should be) a local legend. It has been the home of one of the best lists of open wlan access points in Wien and beyond for ages now. is also a blog (..) actually worth reading, primarily because of his commentary on such things as politicians, celebrities and marketing departments.

Ha, es ist soweit, jetzt ist das hier ein Celebrity-Blog. Perez, zieh dich schon mal warm an. /me freut sich jedenfalls wie ein Schneekönig. Aber eigentlich ist das ganze ein Wink mit dem Sledgehammer an das, ihm endlich einen RSS-Feed zu spendieren:

My two favorite posts in the recent past would have to be his article taking the ORF to task for their sad implementation of RSS and complete misunderstanding of blogging dynamics, and his expose of Fon’s attack on the free wlans.

Also liebe ORF-ONs, stellt die FM4-Website doch bitte auf zeitgemäße Standards um (bei der Gelegenheit: target=_blank ist auch nicht gerade cutting edge), bis dahin abonnieren wir DaddyD lieber auf Metroblogging.

Update: Den Feed gibt’s schon, ist nur schwer zu finden. Siehe Kommentare.

(Pic (cc) by Phreak2.0)

7 replies on “Danke DaddyD!”

Actually, I already have a feed. Have had one for a while. It’s here:

So that wasn’t really any kind of attack on anyone at Technik. I luv em all, really I do.

I do think bloggers should have comments or linkbacks though. Otherwise it’s just another MSM editorial.

@daddyd: Didn’t know there was a feed. How does one find it?

Technik would just have to add one line of html into the template to enable auto-discovery of the feed, so any browser or reader knows there is one:

<link rel="alternate" type="application/rss+xml" title="RSS" href="" />

(They might have to replace “daddyd” with a parameter but I guess they know that ;-)

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