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i use google calendar and it’s great.

but it’s broken:
my calendar account is associated to my gmail account (a fact that is irreversible, for a reason that i don’t get), however i don’t use gmail much. i rather get my invitations at a non-gmail address. a perfectly legitimate use case. so the problem is that invitations don’t get associated with my calendar and won’t appear there.

there are a number of ways to fix that, google please choose any of them! (i’d recommend to implement 4 and 3.)

  1. use the existing function of associated email addresses in gmail (settings>accounts) to pool email addresses into one calendar
  2. use the existing function "secondary email" in google account (personal information>change security question) to pool that address into the calendar
  3. give me an option to store the event into that calendar when i click the yes/no/maybe link inside an invitation while being logged in at the same time with my gmail-account
  4. create a function in calendar settings where i can add secondary email addresses (that i have to authenticate of course) that i want to pool into my calendar.

do something, this is a major flaw.

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#236 Todd says on February 13, 2007 at 1:05 am

Do you know if they have addressed this flaw? I have the same problem and have not seen a fix. If you have heard of a solution please drop me a line!

#237 Helge says on February 13, 2007 at 8:31 am

I haven’t tried anymore but judging from the numerous threads on Google Groups this seems unfixed.


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