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feedback für bloglines

August 30, 2006

da man bei bloglines, dem feedreader meiner wahl, ein offenes ohr für feedback hat, hab ich verbesserungsvorschläge eingeschickt. mal schauen, ob sie so positiv reagieren wie vor 2 jahren.

feature suggestion: starring.

  • problem

for power users (i for example have 172 feeds in 12 folders) it’s hard to keep track without wasting too much time. it’s especially difficult to distinguish signal (i.e. feeds i don’t want to miss and will read) from noise (i.e. feeds i read only occassionally or visually scan for topics/keywords of interest).

of course i could use folders for distinction but i already use them for topical selection.

  • solution

let us "star" individual feeds, like one stars mail conversations in google. items from starred feeds could get a slightly different background color in the stream of feeds, so they won’t be missed.

  • advanced solution

the same highlighting could be applied to all items (per feed or globally) that contain a specified keyword. this way we could recognize signal within a noisy feed.

bug report: items within last session

  • problem

when reading rss items on a per folder basis (i.e. clicking on folders, not feeds) it often happens that one accidentially clicks on that folder twice. result: "no items within this folder", even when there were unread items.

clicking "display items within last session" returns all items from ALL last sessions per feed, not just the new items from that very session that was missed. with big folders it’s virtually impossible to identify the new items in the given pile of "last session" items (# of feeds x # of items per session = can easily be 100). items are lost.

  • solution

when in folder view, "display items within last session" should return only item from last session for that folder, not from last session for every feed in folder.

update 26. september: schweigen im walde. liegt vermutlich daran, dass mark fletcher nicht mehr an bord ist. schade.


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