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mein hosting provider, dreamhost, hat drei horrorwochen hinter sich, stromausfälle und routerprobleme en masse. viele dreamhost-kunden (ich gottseidank nicht) waren tagelang offline. für einen der top-30-hoster der welt kann sowas tötlich sein.

was macht dreamhost? sie lassen die hosen runter, erklären alles haarklein in ihrem corporate blog und sind einfach ehrlich:

As I’m sure most of you already know, we’ve had nothing but troubles, large troubles,
for pretty much the last three weeks. A lot of these troubles were our
fault, a couple of them were at least ostensibly beyond our control,
and they all compounded each other.

(witzigerweise geht aus dem langen posting auch hervor, dass das dreamhost-datacenter im selben gebäude sitzt wie das meines früheren hosters. auch myspace ist dort.)

der seitenlange beitrag endet mit:

I don’t know if we’ll be able to change our luck, but hopefully we’ve at least learned something and will be able to become a tiny bit less incompetent in the future. I hope you’ll all stay with us to find out.

spannend sind vor allem die kommentare, die zeigen wie die dreamhost-kunden reagieren – zu 90% positiv! zb. dieser kommentar (link von mir):

I’m not going anywhere, and this blog post is a big reason why. Thanks
for explaining what’s going on and being up front about everything. May
your cluetrain never crash.

andere zeigen welche rolle das corporate blog spielt:

  • I have to say that without this post, I’d be outta here.
  • Without this post I would seriously consider moving.
  • Your ‘tell it like it is’ approach is why I can tell my visitors we’re sticking with Dreamhost despite 3 weeks of torment.
  • I’ve been bullshitted constantly by numerous tech companies; it’s
    refreshing to hear someone say "This is what happened. It was our fault."

krisenmanagement at its best.


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