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fred wilson, venture capitalist in new york and an old hand at internet business, puts the current race for dominance in information management of the “world live web”, as technorati likes to call it, or “the changing web”, as john battelle labels it more accurately – being mainly search, bookmarking and feed consumption, into the historical perspective of early but unsuccessul push technologies such as pointcast. he concludes that this time the attempt is likely to succeed:

Interestingly, none of “The Changing Web” businesses that I have mentioned in my little history lesson have become a meaningful part of the web services landscape. I think that’s about to change for several reasons.

RSS, search, tagging, web 2.0, and peer economies are all coming together to make “The Changing Web” more important, more accessible, and more monetizable. (..) Peer economies, or the architecture of participation, or whatever else you want to call the user part of the equation is going to play a big role in harnessing The Changing Web for commercial applications.

social search, web 2.0, tagging, peer economies, RSS, social networks, folksonomy, citizen journalism, collective intelligence – there are dozens of buzzwords flying around in the moment. silently these concepts – all of them driven by substantial numbers of pioneer users – have begun to transform everything from digital life to traditional media. so in case you are setting up a business even remotely linked to digital media make sure you take into account what’s going on, it’s probably the biggest revolution since google has gained its current dominance seven years ago. and like with google it’s not going to be a big bang this time either. just my 0.02.


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