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it has been long known that google avoids to manually tweak its search results but rather uses specific cases to tweak their algorithm – or should i say algorithms, as like all successful web-application-driven companies they constantly improve quality by comparing live data from synchronously deployed variations of algo and interface.

now finally a well kept secret has been disclosed by an anonymous unfaithful – how exactly google evaluates different algorithms: they recruit people from all over the world who compare and rate search results based on algo variations on (nothing to be seen there for normal people), from their homes. see also this flash movie.

if you are interested in in-depth detail read the small text on these screenshots. the second one for example seems to suggest that google is working on a database of query refinements that they – as i’d guess – eventually will suggest on results pages, like in “try adding XYZ to your search“. (via nico)

dear google, i appreciate that you support stemming (at least in english), so i’ll find e.g. plural when searching for singular – but please, please don’t show me results for “wordpress window upload” when i search for “wordpress windows upload“. even searching for “windows” (with quotation marks) doesn’t help, i have to explicitely exclude the singular form (although this might hide some potentially useful results from me..).

you talk to me a lot normally (“did you really mean..”), why don’t you ask me something like “we have included ‘window’ in your search – ignore it“?

update: just found out there is a way to override stemming – put a plus before the word: “+windows“. google doesn’t expect everybody to guess that right, do they?

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June 1, 2005  

drüber gestolpert: das weblog von comandatina dusilova, vulgo andrea maria dusl, wiener illustratorin und filmemacherin. mit creativecommons-lizenz, vorbildlich. schwupp auf die blogroll.

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i love it: the worst web application ever (via google blogoscoped.) compare with one of the best i know.

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