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just have read a blog post by ross mayfield about the the LA times experiment to expose their editorials to public editing in a wiki, called “wikitorials“, and jimmy wales, founder of wikipedia, creating a counterpoint page on the same wiki.

while i absolutely agree with jimmy that collaborative editing leads to a neutral point of view, which “would be fine for wikipedia, but would not be an editorial”, i experienced the downside of grassroots media when clicking the link to said counterpoint page: all i saw was two photos of naked girls age maybe ten.

the photos will probably have gone by the time you read this and probably were online for just a few minutes, as collaborative editing deals quite well with those things but hey, let’s face it: such things are inevitable. while i hope similar things will be spared me at my latest wiki project i think collaborative editing is worth the downsides.

UPDATE 2h later: the affair seems to have had a strong effect: “The Los Angeles Times Wiki is currently closed.”

UPDATE2, 9h later: sadly enough the vandalism seems to have had effect: “Unfortunately, we have had to remove this feature, at least temporarily, because a few readers were flooding the site with inappropriate material.”


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