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why web services rock

April 11, 2005

screenshot (scaled down)stunning. recently google launched google maps, the best map application on the web, now also with satellite images. still to be launched outside the US though.

now a guy, paul rademacher, takes google maps and craig’s list (an ugly yet useful classified-listings-site that is highly successful in the US and has been puchased by ebay recently) and mixes them together to a stunning real estate site.

as far as i can see he grabs housing listings, parses them with the google API, reformats them as google maps and displays them inline on his own site. this is why open APIs really rule, so cool.

learning for site owners: let your audience re-use your contents and let them re-use your services, think business case but also think indirect effects, think viral marketing, think grassroot innovation and think ‘why not’ instead of ‘why’. if your contents and services are useful you’ll be flabbergasted by what the public will do with them, when openly available. just like when someone creates the world’s most useful real estate service in his lunch break, using your data. figure out how to benefit from that, not how to avoid it. (via

update apr. 23: tutorial for the techies among you


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