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blufftontoday_cover (8k image)a similar model to what i outlined in my post “an approach to communities for newspapers” is being tried out by bluffton today, a local newspaper from a town near savannah, south carolina. steve yelvington, mastermind behind the website, writes on his blog:

we flip the newspaper site model upside down:

  • everyone gets a blog. not just staffers, but everyone in the community.
  • everyone gets a photo gallery.
  • everyone can contribute events to a shared public community calendar.
  • everyone can contribute recipes to a community cookbook.
  • RSS feeds are everywhere — all the blogs collectively, all the blogs individually, classified ad search results and so forth.
  • for people with windows XP, we’re giving away BT reader, a branded, customized RSS application that fully supports podcasting.

the newspaper’s about-page reads:

some of the content you post on may find its way into the bluffton today newspaper. by posting here, you grant us permission to do so.

the most exciting newspaper presence on the web that i could find so far – congratulations, steve. of course a local paper like bluffton today has some different rules to follow than a national newspaper – which i was having in mind when drafting my model. however i’m sure there’s a lot we can learn from this south carolinian example.

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