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quote of the day

March 31, 2005

“if you throw a frog into boiling water he will jump out. if you throw him in cold water and then slowly start to boil it, he will die.” from, in different context.

i was thinking the other day what would happen if cars were invented only now: would we allow driving and parking to displace all other uses of public space like walking, playing, repairing, selling, sitting, cycling, cleaning, riding or drinking and eating? would we allow public space to go monofunctional? (note that vienna is a city with very narrow streets.)

ok, the frog goes second in my collection of terribly useful phrases. the other one is “that’s like toothpaste – once it’s out of the tube there’s no way to get it back in”. (did i mention that this is a no-pictures-of-cats-no-quotes-of-the-day-blog? well, was.)

update: steals my thunder: “next time, what say we boil a consultant“. well well. and was i the only one who didn’t know the frog story?


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