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netscape-founder and hero of the early days, marc adreessen invests in rojo, a web-based RSS-aggregator similar to bloglines. very hot news from wolfgang sommergut’s blog.

in case you still don’t use RSS or know what it is, check out these articles:
» refining paperless news (washington post)
» RSS – the next big thing? whitepaper by mediathink
» was ist RSS? RSS-introduction in german, by alp uÁkan

to make money, of course. very good article on (and against) software patents: “why IBM is giving away something for nothing“, financial times.

does that prove communism is alive and well and living on the internet? not quite. “the point is not that we’d be better off without proprietary technology, or without property at all,” writes prof lessig in his book, the future of ideas. “the point, instead, is one that has been obvious since the birth of our republic – that a balance between proprietary and non-proprietary property is better than either extreme.”

(via howard rheingold’s smartmobs)

yahoo seems to have improved their search field on their frontpage. you can switch search categories by hitting the tab key, just the way windows-applications work, of course without reloading anything. nifty little javascripts. the same type of all-on-one-page could also improve the google user experience greatly and drive usage to google news, groups, etc. related post of mine: “next generation web applications“.

speaking of yahoo, they announced Y!Q today, a clever context-driven search-method. just needs little tweaks in order to produce better results, yet great idea.

the well known stranger

February 2, 2005  

it just occurred to me that i will probably soon bump into a complete stranger and treat him like a long-time acquaintance, just not remembering where i know him from, making a fool of myself. all thanks to those neat social network applications on the web.

the one i use, openBC, keeps showing me a random selections of my currently 2,644 “contacts of contacts”. their names and faces will get stored somewhere in my brain, probably without a reference to openBC, just to compromise me in the moment of truth. as i know them all via just one person chances run high that i will meet many of them eventually.

i shiver in anticipation ;-)

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