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did i mention that i love firefox? here’s another reason why: the greasemonkey extension. (firefox extensions are plugins or addons that do all sort of things. very useful.) i can see in my logs that about half of my frequent readers still use internet explorer. switch now, you won’t regret.

greasemonkey allows you to install javascripts that modify the web or a specific website for you, eg. by adding features, correcting usability-errors, changing colors, removing ads or frames, etc. so far there aren’t many scripts out there yet, which will surely change soon. if you know javascript you may start to hack the web today: you don’t want to wait for your favorite website to add a function? just do it yourself. see matthew’s scripts for a couple of examples.

the most useful script to me so far is this integration script. it solves a need i’ve addressed before: if you want to bookmark a page you’ve read on bloglines, you can do so directly now. the link “clip this”, leading to bloglines’ own “clippings”-feature, becomes “post to” with the help of greasemonkey plus the script. so cool.

bloglines_before (1k image)
» bloglines before

bloglines_after (1k image)
» bloglines after

( script found via


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