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‘annotate google’ and other tagging-ideas

some days ago, in the posting “ – love at 3rd sight” i outed myself as a fan of tagging as a means of content classification on the web, on my desktop or anywhere else.

meanwhile russ beattie has considered the idea of creating “tagopedia“, a wikipedia-like meta-site where all tags used on the web could terminate. (the link is broken, russell’s site has been hacked recently. i hope he puts the content back up again soon. update: back online again.) martin roell then commented in an email to me that the good old ODP could serve that purpose as well, he pointed me to his FOAF profile, where he uses ODP links as landing pages for “interests”. however i doubt that would work very well. ODP is a hierarchical model that will conflict with tags in many cases. also despite being huge it’s certainly too limited to mirror all tags i might want to use. so i do think we’ll need something like tagopedia.

annotate_google_screenshot (3k image)another idea on tags i just stumbled across is the (planned) firefox-extension “annotate google“. author tony chang, who works at google and loves, wanted to combine google and in a way that every google result page is being enhanced by tags, wherever applicable. very cool!! (and it uses XMLHttpRequest.) that’s exactly what we need. and it reminds me of the times when google still displayed the ODP categories a pages was listed in. (anyone else still misses them, too?)

i’ve got the strong feeling that tagging will change the way we use the web just as google and RSS did. great times ahead!

ps. in case you ask why i’m still not using the new technorati tags, that’ll have to wait for the next site-redesign, i plan to switch to wordpress.

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