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mobile RSS coming up

November 16, 2004  

carlo longino sees RSS as the next big thing in mobile space, in an article on ‘the feature’:

RSS makes a lot of sense for the mobile space. it lets content be preloaded, taking out the waiting time inherent in browsing on many of today’s 2G networks. content providers could throw nearly anything into an RSS feed, and users could have it stored locally on their handset. not just news or blog updates, but things like movie listings or sports scores, and even group messaging. it’s also great because as much as the content can be self-contained, it can also be a jumping-off point for a browsing session.

anyone reading this and still NOT using RSS, please read this washington post article or, in german, alp uçkan’s “was ist RSS?“. i recommend as RSS feed-reader.

camilla isene

November 16, 2004  

norwegian feminists get het up about ikea’s local “sofa for alle” campaign. i don’t know much about feminism – but nice butt. it belongs to model and photographer of the campaign, camilla isene. check out her portfolio, fresh style. 'sofa for alle' campaign

update: now has it, too.


November 16, 2004  

austria’s creative scene excels in inventive talent:

niedermeyer bestsellerzone

orf futurezone

siemens futurezone

A1 gamezone

uta keyzone

one ladezone

brau AG zipferzone

t-zones t-mobile

s-he stylezone by dm drogeriemarkt

update: t-zones added.
2nd update: s-he stylezone added, they even won “best brand of the year“. how sad..

e-commerce model sites

November 12, 2004, the resource for e-commerce (dubbed “multichannel retailing”), has elected the top 50 e-commerce sites for 2005. a very interesting compilation of e-commerce at its best.
[via UI designer]

piracy for marketing

November 12, 2004  

microsoft has gained incredible market share (partly) by piracy, now nokia does it, too. interesting. now with RSS

November 10, 2004, the site of austria’s most important quality newspaper, has just launched an RSS channel. however, as smi points out, they don’t follow the rules of RSS usability: they print too few text.

letter to an american

November 7, 2004  

i’ve received an email from a reader from the states expressing her resentment about my post on the election: four more years. i considered taking the daily mirror frontpage image offline as it addresses latent european anti-americanism, and i don’t sympathize with that (as i also don’t sympathize with british tabloids in general).

however, i decided not to do so as the question “how can 59 million people be so dumb?” is indeed a question i am asking myself. reasons:

  1. president bush has lied to the world when he justified the iraq war with weapons of mass destruction and an al quaeda link. how can 59 million voters be so dumb to award that?
  2. how can 59 millon people be so dumb that bush’s policy has made america a safer place? no serious security expert i would know of has backed that. quite the opposite: the war on iraq, bush’s biased near east policy and his clear unilateralism, in the world often perceived as arrogance, has made more volunteers flock to al quaeda and similar groups than they had imagined in their wildest dreams.
  3. how can 59 million people trust a man who is responsible for the largest US deficit in history, from a surplus of $236 billion (clinton, 2000) to a deficit of $304 billion (bush, 2003), with large portions of these funds being spent on a tax-cut tailored to millionaires and a war of aggression?
  4. how can 59 million people follow a man who divides the world into “good” and “evil”?
  5. how can 59 million people buy his phrase of having been “called by god”?

please understand that it’s not always just blatant anti-americanism when europeans dare to ask such questions. we live with lots of muslims in our cities, the muslim and arab world is our neighbor and friend. this does concern us, too!

update: typos

aus der homepage des fachbereichs wohnen des städtischen ‘fonds soziales wien’:

die landesleitstelle ist für (..) asylwerber, asylberechtigte, vertriebene und andere aus rechtlichen oder faktischen gründen nicht abschiebbare menschen zuständig.

screenshot (leuchtstift by me):
screenshot von, vom 06.11.2004

(hinweis gefunden in einem leserbrief in der straßenzeitung augustin)

four more years

November 4, 2004  

bert brecht: “only the stupidest calves choose their own butcher”

dailymirror frontpage: how can 59 million people be so dumb?

eine website fliegt aus dem google-index, beschwert sich per rechtsanwaltsschreiben und ist schwupps wieder gelistet. (wer sich die site anschaut und die üblichen kriterien eines “google ban” kennt, wird sich wie ich tatsächlich nach dem grund für dieses de-listing fragen.)

brief und anschließende diskussion (lesenswert) hier: schinkel vs. google

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