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letter to an american

November 7, 2004

i’ve received an email from a reader from the states expressing her resentment about my post on the election: four more years. i considered taking the daily mirror frontpage image offline as it addresses latent european anti-americanism, and i don’t sympathize with that (as i also don’t sympathize with british tabloids in general).

however, i decided not to do so as the question “how can 59 million people be so dumb?” is indeed a question i am asking myself. reasons:

  1. president bush has lied to the world when he justified the iraq war with weapons of mass destruction and an al quaeda link. how can 59 million voters be so dumb to award that?
  2. how can 59 millon people be so dumb that bush’s policy has made america a safer place? no serious security expert i would know of has backed that. quite the opposite: the war on iraq, bush’s biased near east policy and his clear unilateralism, in the world often perceived as arrogance, has made more volunteers flock to al quaeda and similar groups than they had imagined in their wildest dreams.
  3. how can 59 million people trust a man who is responsible for the largest US deficit in history, from a surplus of $236 billion (clinton, 2000) to a deficit of $304 billion (bush, 2003), with large portions of these funds being spent on a tax-cut tailored to millionaires and a war of aggression?
  4. how can 59 million people follow a man who divides the world into “good” and “evil”?
  5. how can 59 million people buy his phrase of having been “called by god”?

please understand that it’s not always just blatant anti-americanism when europeans dare to ask such questions. we live with lots of muslims in our cities, the muslim and arab world is our neighbor and friend. this does concern us, too!

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#97 Sencer says on November 8, 2004 at 12:46 pm

Although I probably share similar political views to yours, the choice of the majority of America for Bush is not based on stupidity. It does however take a real effort to understand it, and I don’t claim I am quiet there, but I am getting there. It does take time, but I think the time is well invested, because no people can be sure to not one day find itself in the same place. Places to stark looking for:
* Reading right-wing weblogs; also observe your own reaction while doing this – on an emotional level you can expect that conservatives will feel similar when reading the things you and I are likely reading [important: I am talking about a subjective reaction, not about the validity of positions]
* Reading what you can find on "framing", e.g. or the book
"Don’t think of an elephant" by Lakoff
* Reading about fundamentalist christian groups in the US.
* Also there are a couple of really good TV documentations, some currently available on different Bittorrent-networks, that help understanding how certain things are working
* …

If "simply" stupidity is asserted it says more about once own attitude than about the people one is putting down.

That said, I honestly do hope, that higher justice will prevail, and history will look back on this as an episode, not as a turning point…

#98 LonghairSteve says on November 12, 2004 at 12:44 pm

Helge (and Sencer),

America has NEVER kicked out a Commander-In-Chief during war time!

This was the limitation which was setup by Viet Nam — i.e. shame the American common voter with a loss and frame the reason to NOT lose again is "to hang tough and stick together, no matter what." Bu$h the elder was US Ambassador to Southeast Asia.

Kerry and Democrats did as well as possible with this limitation, and John Dean showed the line one could not cross — losing face by pulling out of the war.

However, the Republican Party is doomed, not the Democrats. No way can they hold onto their voters with their outragous LIES and promises. Kerry backed them into an impossible corner, and it is just half-time for Bu$h the younger. Republican Party will breakup into several parties…quagmire. As they learn the hard way, the Democrats will gain and trounce them next time!

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