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haven’t blogged for a while, too busy. however, this morning something caught my attention:

a story on alleged politically motivated prosecution in austria (!) on the major austrian, state-owned news-site, only was featured with a one-liner:

orf-headline: amnesty und grüne: asylanwälte politisch verfolgt

i consider the story a real bomb, however maybe there were too many high-level headlines that day, so it didn’t make it up to the famous orf-headline-images. when i clicked through to the story i saw that they indeed had produced a title image:

big header image

a header-story usually is moved down to the one-liners after some time, when other stories replace it. however, i happened to monitor the orf-frontpage closely during night and morning. the image had never made it up on top (but yet was produced). also, it wouldn’t make sense: half of the current header-images are older than this story. the double-sized image about robbie williams and ‘band aid III’ has been on top for almost a day. after years of intense consumption of this is the first time i see that happening.

i can’t help it, that looks like a case of political intervention or at least anticipated obedience to me.

the story itself, as featured in “der falter” today, is, if true, breathtaking:

two well-known austrian lawyers, both having represented many asylum-seekers and both working for the human rights advisory board, set to control the ministries of police and justice, are being prosecuted for people smuggling. one of them had, for example, handed his business card to chechen immigrants in the czech republic. the newspaper “der falter” had had revealed that they had been rejected by austrian authorities and sent back to czech republic. the lawyer then visited them there in a refugee camp and gave them his business card. as some of them tried to cross the austrian border again afterwards and the business card was found on them, the lawyer is now being prosecuted. it is the very lawyer, who had just won against the police ministry in front of austria’s supreme court in an asylum-issue.

the whole thing reminds me of russian and (sad to say, just think guantanamo) US-american justice practices. i had been among those who had also seen positive aspects in the change of government four years ago (NB: while not having voted for them!) – but now i am just shocked how far the current regime has taken this country.