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the search engine which amazon has launched earlier this year was officially released today, with a bunch of new features. i really like it. the search engine space is extremely competitive at the moment, with a bunch of big players investing lots of resources: yahoo, microsoft, amazon and google. this is excellent news for all of us, innovation everywhere! (found via webmasterworld)


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#95 thomas says on September 19, 2004 at 6:04 pm
top looks really good – as far as i understand it, the results come from google, enhancement comes from alexa and the key feature is personalization of my search results – i am supposed to use my amazon login… telling a9 and amazon what i am looking for besides books and cds; will deliver some fine profile of mine, should i be concerned about that? they even know my real name and got my bank account details.
who will bother about the evil (=never expiring) google cookie when a9 will know a whole lot more?

#96 Peter Eich says on October 15, 2004 at 8:57 pm

Also ich habe nichts gegen die Datensammlung bei Amazon. Im Gegenteil. Mich freuen gute Buch- und Musikvorschläge von denen auf der personalisierten Webseite genau so, wie mich Buchvorschläge von Freunden freuen, die meinen Geschmack kennen. Am Ende entscheide noch immer ich, ob ich das Buch dann kaufe oder nicht.


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