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why advertising sucks

September 24, 2004  

russ beattie plans to launch a mobile service and posts some interesting thoughts on revenue streams:

“you know why advertising sucks? because it makes you lazy and makes you focus on the wrong thing. instead of creating a product or service that people are willing to pay for, you end trying to create something that attracts as many hits as possible instead to bump up your pageviews and advertising dollars.” note to myself: keep that in mind.

crazy: US deport cat stevens

September 22, 2004  

the guardian reports that the US denied yusuf islam, formerly known as cat stevens, entry to the US, “on national security grounds”. cat stevens was one of the first prominent muslims to clearly condemn the 9/11 attacks and represents a liberal and tolerant islam, as far as i could judge from a recent interview with him in german TV.

who in their right mind thinks that cat stevens poses a security threat? the US just want to get rid of him as he is a peace-advocate opposing their presence in iraq, IMHO. poor “land of the free”.

update: the christian science monitor – one way to alienate moderate muslims: deport cat: “it is time to take back america’s civil rights from those who would abuse it for their own narrow political agendas.”

will google build a browser?

September 21, 2004  

speculations run high in the industry since the new york post article “google picks gates’ brains: “based on the half-dozen hires in recent weeks, google appears to be planning to launch its own web browser and other software products to challenge microsoft.”

will the match google search vs. msn search, gmail vs. hotmail, google toolbar vs. msn toolbar, froogle vs. msn shopping, google local vs. msn city search, picasa vs. digital image suite, google news vs. msnbc, blogger vs. msn blogs, etc. be extended by another battlefield?


the search engine which amazon has launched earlier this year was officially released today, with a bunch of new features. i really like it. the search engine space is extremely competitive at the moment, with a bunch of big players investing lots of resources: yahoo, microsoft, amazon and google. this is excellent news for all of us, innovation everywhere! (found via webmasterworld)

useless web usability testing

September 14, 2004  

the austrian chamber of labour has proven their complete incompetence when it comes to web usability testing. a study of search engine usefulness conducted by their department of consumerism gave the following results:

#3 (! – aka ‘the mother of spam’)

the methology they used is simply crap: a very small sample of just 12 keywords from just one topic area (consumer laws). i can’t believe that people really get paid for such work – and that there are journalists willing to then publish it. (found via a link to on – the ORF is the biggest and most reputable news source in austria..)

ok, i guess this move heralds new – in europe unknown – qualities of market transparency in the airline business: yahoo travel search – still in beta. (found on yahoo search blog)

anyone who wants to check out google’s gmail (webmail re-invented, 1 GB storage, invitation only)? the first three who leave a comment here below will be invited. make sure to include your email address.

update: all gone.

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