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August 26, 2004 was relaunched today. read doug bowman’s review about it.

certainly an improvement. see my blog entry save 300 terabytes in a few days for how bad it was before. (found via alex barnett’s blog.)

outsource yourself

August 25, 2004  

“about a year ago i hired a developer in india to do my job. i pay him $12,000 out of the $67,000 i get. he’s happy to have the work. i’m happy that i have to work only 90 minutes a day just supervising the code. my employer thinks i’m telecommuting. now i’m considering getting a second job and doing the same thing.”

whole story on ‘the times of india’ (link found via

(read “RSS described in plain english” if you don’t know what RSS is or how it can provide you with an entirely new internet experience. i promise you, once you get into it you will ask yourself how you did without!)

i use RSS on a daily basis to monitor news-sources and weblogs. many sources i consider worth watching provide such RSS feeds meanwhile and the ones which don’t will follow a some point.

however there is one feed that i am really missing and to my knowledge there is currently no technical way to produce it:

a news-feed aggregating all replies to comments i have posted anywhere on the web.

this requirement could be solved by implementing a feature similar to technologies such as trackback and pingback into weblog and forum software.

a first rough specification:

as long as threaded RSS isn’t supported by specifications and feed readers i would suggest to merge comments-threads into one item, with the title of the original article being the item’s title and comments being displayed in “newest-first” order. anytime a new comment is posted the item would be updated (or, if already fallen off the XML-file, re-added to it from a database the script automatically administers) and thus appears as new in my reader, along with the relevant context.

in case i’m not the only one with these needs i am looking foreward to see e.g. moveabletype-plugins, wordpress- or phpbb-hacks as well as the main commentstrack-script being coded by someone – volunteers? ;-)

eine hervorragende quellensammlung zum vermeintlich höchsten benzinpreis aller zeiten findet sich unter dem titel “benzin ist zu billig – noch“.
ps. trotz slowblogging ist das der 100. blog-eintrag auf yeah baby.

evelyn keyes asks herself how to talk to your jewish friends about israel and gives good arguments on US positions on israeli politics in the light of the upcoming presidential elections. many of us austrians/germans are asking ourselves a similar question, how to criticize israel’s politics without being perceived as antisemites by jewish friends, a question that remains somehow unanswered. looking forward to appropriate indications.

the flash münchen bet

August 3, 2004  

(werter google-besucher, falls du nur auf der suche nach einem flash-designer in münchen bist, darf ich alexander oppenländer von empfehlen. entschuldige die “besetzung” des google-suchergebnisses.)

my landlord in munich (see link above) is macromedia flash designer and proud of the fact that he’s number one on google for the query “flash münchen“. we had some discussions about the difficulty flash websites face in search engines. (the poor findability of flash is one of the reasons i wouldn’t create a normal website just in flash.)

in the course of the conversation i assured him i would be able to displace him on google within just one week, with a simple weblog entry. so i now line up to take the challenge – with this very article. should i mention the term “flash münchen” once more to improve my chances? ;-) it will be a tough challenge as google knows my website to be in english (which is not entirely true – it is “100% mixed english and german” as i say on the frontpage), and german sites such as his site are given a boost on and/or when the german interface language is being used on google. so we’ll see.

flash and search engines is a topic that has been covered in some excellent articles:
» optimizing flash for search engines
» flash sites – optimize through link building
» flash vs. CSS/HTML: which will you choose?

update august 8:
bet won. the page was indexed within 2 days and listed on 3rd position. factors: keywords in links to the page (on frontpage, archive-page and previous blog-entry-page), keywords in title-tag and headline of this page, links to acknowledged flash ressources, PageRank.
as i wanted to get to first position i added to some other sites and pages i maintain links using the keywords (“anchor text”). my own little google bomb. then i waited another two days until google had picked those pages up. done, number 1 now.

the infinite cat project

August 2, 2004  

infinitecat (3k image)have a look at frankie (the
first infinite cat) and then
click “next cat“.

(found on steve’s
voice in the desert)

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