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July 2, 2004  

in der aktuellen e-media titelstory “hotspot statt webcafé” wird auch auf meinen blog-eintrag vom 9. februar verwiesen, was hier gerade für traffic-spitzen sorgt. nach dem computerwelt-artikel vom 4. juni schon die zweite erwähnung. cool :-)

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(danke martin, für den hinweis!)

msnsearch (1k image)for months now webmasters have seen MSNbot crawling and indexing their sites and journalists and bloggers have speculated about microsoft’s response to google’s dominance. now finally MS gives us a sneak preview what to expect: (via

on first observations i must say there are still some major flaws MS must take account of:

on the positive side: it’s fast, it displays 15 results instead of 10 on the first page and it has user feedback forms (i hope someone reads those feedbacks and i hope they’ll find a way to deal with manipulative feedback from the SEO community).

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