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» googleguy, google’s personified implementation of the cluetrain manifesto (especially theses 34-37), has obviously gone quiet. googleguy is a google employee who has been in constant dialogue with webmasters at the webmasterworld community for the last three years in a very competent way. he seems to have stopped posting six weeks ago, at about the same time when google filed for IPO. coincidence?

» google employee matt cutts gives some insights in an interview with bbc news, among them confirming (for the first time officially, to my knowledge) what we have noticed in recent months: that the times of good old “google dance” are over and that the monthly deep crawl has been replaced by daily crawls (not to be confused with freshbot crawls, which have existed already before).

» the austrian software developer andreas pisza has developed a google-addon called moregoogle, enhancing google SERPs with thumbnails (only in internet explorer). i wouldn’t suggest to use that in conjunction with results set to 100 though, too slow. (via urlgreyhot.)


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