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burkina faso now.

November 21, 2003  

from tomorrow i’ll be in burkina faso for a couple of weeks, with some others from laafi. i hope i’ll meet the man on the right again..

if i promise to try hard shooting good photos for the africa-calendar 2005, will you go and order a copy of the photo-calendar africa 2004?

i’ll be checking my mails form time to time, in case someone wants to reach me.

update: i met him again. see the photos from burkina faso 2003.

sam marlboro

just stumbled across the blog entry “It Isn’t A Popularity Contest” by new zealandish blogger bananabob about democracy and welfare in NZ. he asks “we have too many people in new zealand on the benefit. what causes these people to be on the benefit?” my reply:

a good way of getting people off the benefit would be to create a bunch of new jobs. easy, isn’t it? probably it isn’t as all parties usually claim to be trying just that, and hard.

but let’s look at it from a different angle. is there enough work? i don’t know in NZ but if it’s anything similar to austria there’s more work than people could possibly handle! e.g.:

(1) even wealthy people in AT do a lot of work on their own in their spare time: they iron their shirts, they repair their houses, they manage their finances, they do their washing, they assemble their IKEA furniture, they sort out the stuff on their attic. why don’t they pay a service company for doing that? too expensive. (in austria taxes and social benefit costs add maybe 110% – don’t know the exact number but you get the point – to the cost of a working hour.)

(2) even if somebody pays someone to do such services, eg. a cleaning woman, they do it moonlighting. (dear finanzamt, i admit: mine does!) thus the work isn’t contributing anything to the welfare system, the work doesn’t count as such. probably more people build their houses or renovate their flats with the help of unofficial workers or even on their own than people legally contract construction companies.


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