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still to do – checklist

September 17, 2003  

this site is in progress. checklist of tasks:

get contact form to work – done.
edit sahara page – done.
replace old site – done.
install commenting system for non-blog pages – done.
insert comment-code on all those pages
fix time-stamp problem – done.
redirect to – done.
edit photos page – done.
slideshow on photos page – done.
write ‘about me’ – done.
upgrade to greymatter 1.3 – done.
fix comments appearance – done.
finish links page
create ul class=links in css
rework css classes: h1, h2, ul, – partly done.
rework mobile.css
streamline css’s – done.
random image on frontpage (differnt script and position) – done (finetune) – done
make siteskinner work on search results page done (maroccan always)
category concept – done.
investigate d100 exif question
solve navigation background at small window sizes – done.
rework footer – done.
publish galleries: thailand, sahara, burkina faso 2002, animals & plants, wien, marokko, div. reisen, cuba, freunde, close ups, kalabrien, people from all over the world, conny
install gm-add-entries mod – done.
import old content
test on all browsers
intranet page via ssl – done.
skin change – usability improvement (no refresh)
get rid of monthly archives (incl. path)
get rid of theoretical third column

Common misspellings: Farnberger, Fahrenberger, Farenberger, Fahnberger, Fahrnleitner, Fahrngruber, Fahrnberg.